What Are The Causes of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids Causes If you are observing painful bumps that appear on around anal, these are known as hemorrhoids. The causing factors can be various and broadly divided into two main factors. The first is related to drinking and eating habit. Eating particular kinds of meal can increase risk of having hemorrhoids. And the second is daily lifestyle. For example, a wrong way of sitting, suddenly lifting a heavy thing.

Here are what causes hemorrhoids to appear:

  • Foods – Fatty meals such as beef, fried chicken, lamb, ham, sausage that contain large amounts of fats which potentially harden feces that can lead to the constipation. Consuming foods with high sodium in large amount can cause hemorrhoids appears. It can increase blood pressure and also make the swollen in around anal to bulge.
  • Antibiotics – The antibiotics don’t only kill the bad bacteria which make you get sick. But it also kill the good bacteria which help to digest food in the digestion system. If the antibiotic used in long time, you will no longer digest any hard foods well such as meat. This potentially leads hemorrhoids. So make sure to consult a doctor, if you really need an antibiotic.
  • Alcohol – Drinking alcohol 3 glasses or more daily can increase blood pressure. The blood pressure can leads veins to swell in around anal.
  • Stress – Stress and also anxiety can be contributing the hemorrhoids. Generally, both internal and external hemorrhoids caused by stress in high level and long time. Once the body is under stress tension, it makes bowel movement become difficult. Blood vessel in anal gets inflamed and the bump appears and gets itch and painful. This habit is in the top list of causing hemorrhoids.
  • Lifting – If you have a job that requires you to lift heavy things everyday, lifting heavy things in wrong position can causes hemorrhoids. This job can be also harmful for anyone who have overweight.

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