Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Male Yeast Infection Folks believe that women are the only sex who get yeast infection. However, this disease kind can happen to men also. In the truth, the infection usually happens as frequently in men as in women. The infection always indicates the same symptoms in both sex kinds. Because Candida albicans cells breed. This Candida kind breeds in moist areas and the dark condition and of a human body. A yeast infection in a male can be causing dropping health condition plus influencing sexual activity on an affected male. If the yeast flourish in a male body, this can influence daily activity performance also. It occurs because bad behaviors in bad environment. There are few sources can be causing the yeast to flourish:

  • Unhealthy sex – If a man has raw sex with a woman, who has yeast infection in her vagina, the candida can be transmitted directly from her to him through the direct touch.
  • Beer – Drinking beer in the bad community. So Candida cells breed in the presence of beer.
  • Diabetes – A man who has diabetes is in higher risk of getting the infection because he has elevated sugar level in him urine.
  • Antibiotic – It can be considered as candida friendly if using it in the wrong way. Yes, you are not wrong to read this. Because it can kills both good bacteria and bad bacteria, and cause an imbalance in gut flora that can make the candida to become overgrowth and lead to the infection.

Solution For Yeast Infection

What is the signs? There are few yeast infection symptoms in a man as follow:

  • Soreness, irritation and itchiness happens on penis area. The head of a penis become more red with few itchy bumps. So the man have sex inability.
  • Indigestion accompanied halitosis and bad breath. And also constipation, loose stools, bloating and intestinal gas.
  • Skin lesions. Stiff or sore on joints and muscles.
  • Sometimes memory loss and irritability.

Male Yeast Infection Treatment

There are many different approaches which can help to relieve the yeast infection in men. Both Gentian Violet and Lotrimin are two remedies which usually used for treating the affected penis. Besides both, Grapefruit seed extract and Aceium can be used as part of the treatment. A sufferer must drink loads of water for detoxing the body and relieving pain and itchiness.

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