Great Red Truck Fly Fishing

The team at the rear of Red Truck fly rods, things and other fishing items is a fascinating collection to be honest. Most have labored as expert fly fishing guides, the majority are master throwing instructors, experienced fly tiers as well as experienced fly business people. A couple of core ideals bond all of us together. We like to fly fish with higher friends as well as good canines. We like lengthy road trips within trusty vehicles that lead all of us to new water as well as experiences. We love to share fishing tales around a fire, sip a few cold ales and whiskey and rest under the superstars.

We develop fly fishing gear with regard to a lifetime of activities. Fly fishing is the automobile that will get you to the most beautiful locations in the world. Like a much loved old pick-up, we want a person to not only end up being reminded associated with past activities when you appear at your Red Truck rod, however dream of the next trip.

Red Truck fly supports are the end result of a number of guys difficult set on creating their favorite fly supports. This was very difficult task thinking about the group of men. 3 years later on and MANY times testing (this is the enjoyable part) all of us released the actual Red Truck Diesel Number of rods.

The actual designs:

Forged Great- A fly rod should be effective and easy to forge. Our supports are adjusted to cast the right size cycle for the fishing scenario.

  1. Built with a Purpose – All of us designed our rods to possess specific fishing software. For example the 8 foot 6 in. 4 weight was created specifically for dried out fly fishing.
  2. Durability – There is no even worse sound compared to ***SNAP*** our supports have a reptile belly complete that significantly increases the supports durability. The unique ferrules (in which the pieces get together) are sanded and never painted. This particular increases rubbing and retains the rod through coming free and busting.
  3. Premium Components – We looked the globe to find the best cork, guides, as well as threads on the market.
  4. Cosmetics – A fly rod should look such as a fly rod, not a move car. The gun smoke cigarettes finish, flat grey card blanks, and burl wooden reel chairs are not only stunning but prevent spooking fish along with rod glare.
  5. Repairs – Maintenance should be easily! We develop our supports so specifically that we may ship a person a replacement area thus getting rid of the terrible repair times during the most rod manufacturers. 3 days and you’re simply fishing again. 90% associated with breaks exist in the tip; and that’s why we recommend you buy Red Truck rod.

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