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LED Pet Collar Night Dog Flashing Collar

Transparent LED Pet Collar Night Safety Dog Flashing Collar

  • Order to meet different customer needs, this product are transparent collar.
  • Provide safety for your little cat or little dogs even for you while walk at night.
Dog LED Collar Night Dog LED Collar Night


Power source: LED light
Button cell model: Cr2032
Size: S/M/L/XL
Color: Blue Green Orange Pink Rainbow Red White Yellow

Size(approx.) Stretch Range Width
S 35-43cm(13.78″-16.93inch) 2.5cm/0.98inch
M 40~48cm(15.75″-18.90inch)
L 45~52cm(17.72″-20.47inch)
XL 52~60cm(20.47″-23.62inch)

Package Includes:
1 x Transparent LED Pet Collar Night Safety Dog Flashing Collar

The item shipped from China. The shipping is free for USA via Standard Shipping with 8 – 23 business days.

To order this item, choose a collar size that fit your dog and click the PayPal button below. Then please inform us the color that you want.


Paleo Diet Guides from Robb Wolf: A Solution to Achieve Your Success

Having an ideal weight always becomes the desire of most people. When people are at their ideal weight, they do not only look attractive but also feel healthy. It is true that weight gain is associated with many health problems. If you want to be and stay healthy, it is important for you to maintain your ideal weight. Thankfully, there is Paleo diet. This diet has successfully helped lots of people improving their life quality. These people now have enjoyed permanent weight loss and at more attractive performance. They have undergone both diet and lifestyle changes and done a series of recommended workouts.

If you one of people who feel interested in Paleo diet but do not know how to start, you do not need to worry because there is Paleo Diet Guides from Robb Wolf. He is a former research biochemist and the author of bestselling book entitled The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet. As the author of a popular book about Paleo diet, he surely knows everything about the diet. He knows the real benefits and how to do the diet appropriately. This means that his guides can truly help everyone who wants to start doing Paleo diet or who wants to improve their diet.

Basically, Robb Wolf Paleo Diet Guides consist of 3 books. They are:

  1. Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

    This book contains a absolute guide for you who want to try the the Paleo diet especially on the first 30 days. It is true that starting a new diet plan can be tough. A small diet or lifestyle change can be difficult unless you have a role model or a guide to follow. Because Robb Wolf provides 30 day meal plan, list of things that you are allowed to buy and exercise guides, you certainly have everything in your arms to start your Paleo diet.

    Paleo Transformation

  2. Robb Wolf’s Paleo on a Budget Guide

    Many people might think that Paleo diet is expensive because Paleo meals can only be found at fancy stores. This is the most common excuse people will say when they are asked why they haven’t started Paleo diet yet. Robb Wolf, the expert of Paleo diet explains in his book that doing Paleo diet on a budget is possible. In this book, he gives practical yet simple tips to save money while you are doing Paleo diet. You will learn how to cook Paleo meals, and how to plan Paleo meals.

    Paleo on a Budget Guide

  3. Robb Wolf’s Paleo Dining out Guide

    When you are on Paleo diet, you might have difficulty every time you dine out. With Robb Wolf dining out guide, you should no longer have any difficulty. You can go to your favorite restaurants with your loved ones or family without worrying whether you can still be on your diet. There are tips and tricks on how to order Paleo meals, tips to enjoy alcohol, and many more.

    Paleo: Dining Out Guide

Venus Factor: The Best Diet Program for Women

Do you feel fed up with ineffective weight loss programs that you have followed? Do you want to have a better solution to achieve your ideal weight? When you decide to follow a certain weight loss plan, you certainly expect to get a real result. If the plan cannot help you achieving your goal, you usually become disappointed. It is certainly down heartening to find out that all of your efforts fail. However, this condition should no longer be disappointing because there is a cutting edge solution for all women who want to shed their weight. There is Venus Factor, the best diet program for women.

Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a weight loss program created especially for women that is designed by John Barban. He is a well known weight loss celebrity, writer, and nutritionist. He has outstanding educational background and excellent working experiences. He earns his degree and master in Human Biology and Nutrition. He is a researcher in dietary and supplement industry. The reason why he creates Venus Factor is because women metabolism system is different from men metabolism system. Because weight loss is greatly influenced by metabolism system, weight loss plan for women should be different from weight loss for men.

Basically, Venus Factor is created to reverse leptin resistance in women. The level of Leptin, fat burning hormone, in women is much higher than in men. However, women have a stronger resistance toward the ability to burn fat. If women do a diet like men, they will not get a real benefit. Venus Factor combines dietary changes and a 12 week workout plan that has been adjusted to women specific characteristics. The program is intended not only to burn fat but also to have a healthier body. After following this program, women are expected to lose weight, have tone body, and become healthier.

If you purchase Venus Factor, you will receive the essential fat loss diet guide, 12 week workout program, virtual nutritionist software application, Venus index podcast and access to Venus community. The best things about Venus Factor are:

  • Easy to understand diet guide – John Barban explains everything in easy to understand words. You will not need to read the sentences over and over because you will be able to understand the guide easily at the first time you read.
  • A complete program – It combines dietary changes and a workout plan that enables women to lose weight, tone muscle and build their desired figure.
  • Easy to follow workout – Many women don’t like to do workout because it takes time and consumes lots of energy. With workout routines created by John Barban, women will fully enjoy doing their workout.
  • A personalized plan – The dietary change and workout can be personalized to meet the needs and personal of each woman. Each woman needs a different plan because each woman has unique needs and specific personal condition.
  • 24 hours customer support – When you have questions or enquiry about the program, you can contact the writer via email. You will receive the much needed support easily as the writer provides 24 hours support.

Kingdom of Pets Review

Secrets and techniques of the dog training not only works with many of the most typical dog behavioral difficulties, but also much more serious problems just like dog aggression. The tactics have been proven to work with 210K+ dog owners globally to date and also continues to end up being the most popular product or service in the class of online dog training. The program is meant with regard to ordinary individuals who need to find out a bit with regards to dog behavior and also deal with every day dog training issues, without had virtually any previous knowledge. The author, Daniel Stevens promises that the accomplishment of this product arrives to the fact that dogs’ various personalities are generally taken into account and that is catered for utilizing the members’ forum. Here your unique questions may be answered on the internet by specialist dog behavior lists and teachers. Over 25 specific dog behavior problems are coated in the handbook which covers a great deal of ground, and also the finer focusing can be done simply by individual customer program. This is only one of the couple of top goods in this classification to incorporate specialist one-to-one advice together with a reading along with video studying program.

Kingdom of Pets

Let me tell you from the commencing that this is actually a very good item. The Kingdom of Pets probably has a single of the best digital acquire dog obedience training product around. Kingdom of Pets has great products throughout the dog training niche. The publisher of this guide has produced sure that he or she didn’t pass up something and I am pretty sure which you very happy together with what’s inside of.

The program comes as a bundle including a 260-page guide on 25 different dog behavior problems with quite a few photos along with step by step instructions. This can serve as your own essential research guide. Then there is certainly a 30-minute video plan that shows dog training techniques utilizing real-life examples. The focus is on gestures and leftover the pack chief at all times. Also provided is a segment on tried and tested residence training methods along with how to stop your current dog pulling on the tether. To get access, KINGDOM OF PETS.

The Girl Friend Secret Review

Girl Friend on Demand System The Girl Friend on Demand system is an extensive guide on how to have any girl to get dedicated to you by making use of psychological techniques which has been verified to work for several guys to obtain the girls of their particular dreams. When you’re experiencing this kind of related problem, you can keep reading through as you’re regarding to discover more about Girl Friend on Demand.

The Get the Partner on Demand System is technique that explains how to make the girl of your dream to follow you making use of the reflex as well as chase methods which has been employed by guys to earn girls around. If you want to discover the tricks and tips which you can use to make a girl fall helplessly fond of you, and then you’ve got to utilize the information or even secrets discovered inside the Girlfriend on Demand method.

There are whole lot of guys around who shortage the confidence along with self-esteem to approach girls and this has recently been their significant problem faced simply by these units of people and also you’re guarantee of understanding skills used to make girls long after as well as teaching you the best signifies of getting installed. If you want immediate access into Girl Friend on Demand method, you can just click on the link beneath to access the recognized download site.

Man Approaches Girl

If you’re one of those who are having tough time to be with a girl which in turn you’re ready to do anything whatsoever just to obtain her to turn out to be friend; with the Girl Friend On Demand that may teach you how to bring about a tiny part of the mental faculties which will trigger her behavioral instinct for you. You’ll find powerful techniques which have been employed by men who tend to be successful as it pertains with courting to girl.

As a possible irresistible to just about any girl is actually the aim of just about any guy who will be desperately searching for a help companion, or if you’re in need of funds of a girl who’ll become preoccupied and loyal to anyone. This is a simple to get any girl even though you think that she’s out and about of your group. There are video clips that you can use to approach any girl. Before we all move further, I’d like you to get a look at the product or service fact sheet of Girl Friend on Demand.